Pearl Necklace Lengths

Pearl necklaces are versatile. There are six types of lengths that can express different moods and accentuate your outfits.

Pearl Necklace Lengths

Collar Length: 12-13 in. (30-33cm)

The collar length of pearl necklaces is the shortest length that fits around the neck. Two or more strands of collar pearl necklaces are often worn in formal occasions to achieve an eye-catching and glamorous look.

Choker Length: 14-16 in. (36-41cm) 

A pearl choker necklace is a must-have piece for any jewellery wardrobe. It works very well with V-neck, boat-neck and off-the-shoulder styles for both casual and formal wear. By adding a pearl choker necklace to your neckline, you will instantly achieve a contemporary and stylish look.

Princess Length: 17-19 in. (43-48cm)

The princess length is a timeless style that anyone can wear. It is also considered the most classic length for a pearl necklace. If you are not sure which necklace length to get, the princess length is a perfect choice to brighten up your outfit in all occasions.

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Matinee Length: 20-24 in. (51-61cm) 

As they fall just at the top of your bust, matinee pearl necklaces are ideal for business and semi-formal wear. They can create a touch of elegance and femininity to your work wear.

Opera Length: 30-36 in. (76-91cm) & Rope Length: over 36 in. (91cm)

The opera and rope pearl necklaces are very sexy and trendy. In fact, they are the most versatile necklaces for creating many different looks. You can wear them as a single strand, or wrap them a couple of times to create long and shorter lengths. No matter whether you dress up for a cocktail party or dress down for a relaxing weekend, experiment different looks with the opera and rope lengths. They are truly breathtaking!