Special Birthday Gifts For Her: Why She’ll Love These Pearls

Special Birthday Gift Ideas For Her Pearl Jewellery

Looking for an amazing gift for her big birthday? … a present that is so beautiful, so thoughtful and unique, and serves as a token of your love that is forever special? You’ve come to the right place!

We know how hard it is to find her a great birthday present every year, let alone if it is for a special birthday. Milestone birthdays such as the 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, and 80th are important ages that deserve a little more attention when it comes to gift giving.

A Milestone Birthday Calls For An Extra Special Gift

A milestone birthday, from the age of 30 upwards, only comes along once every 10 years. These big birthdays are special because they are celebrations of continuity and growth. They mark the beginning of a new decade. They are a sign of hope, of strength, and triumph over adversity. We all remember these special birthdays more than any other birthdays in life.

No matter whom you’re shopping for, the best gifts for women – as with the greatest gift for all is the gift of love. What could be better than an extra special present that shows your love and care for her?

Pearls Are The Most Treasured Gift of Love

Pearls – The Most Treasured Gift of Love

Now you’re probably thinking: “Why pearls? What’s so special about them?” Well, you’ll be surprised to find out just how amazing they are, and why they’re simply the perfect birthday gift for your wife, your mom, your girlfriend or your sister.

For centuries, pearls are considered the most treasured gift above all others. That’s because

  • Each pearl is precious and unique. – It is the only organic gem born of Mother Nature against all odds. Until recently, pearls were reserved exclusively for the rich and powerful.
  • The joy of owning a pearl gift goes far deeper than the mere pleasure that comes with wearing a nice piece of jewelry. For, beautiful as the pearl is, how it forms within an oyster is even more remarkable. Layers upon layers, day after day, it eventually grows into a magnificent gem symbolizing the essence of new beginnings, growth, health and wisdom.
  • Pearls are symbolic of eternal bonds, happiness, strength and unconditional love. They are believed to bring positive energy and protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth.

Picture her on her birthday – her delight and surprise – her absolute joy – when she wears your gift – a present of ever-lasting beauty, which through the days and months and years to come will bring her forever happiness – reminding her of your love and those wonderful memories you share together.

How to Choose The Best Pearl Gifts For Her Birthday

But… Wait! Not All Pearls Are The Same

Since this birthday gift has such special meaning, of course you’ll want the best for her. But did you know that pearls come in a variety of quality and price range? It’s always wise to arm yourself with knowledge and insight before you make your purchase.

After all, only fine quality pearls will have that long-lasting beauty and can be cherished for many years to come. So before you rush to the first store you see, why not make sure your purchase is worth it?

How to Choose The Best Pearl Gifts For Her

1. Always, and always buy real pearls.

This is the basic rule to remember when it comes to your purchase. Real pearls are special because they’re little miracles of nature. Never get tempted by the shiny costume jewelry you see as fake pearls made out of plastic or glass are simply worth nothing. You can follow these simple steps to check if the pearls you look to buy are the real deal.

2. Never compromise on quality.

While there’re a lot of options to choose from with different price points, you’ll be surprised to find out how different they are in terms of the quality you’re paying for. Never fall prey to those low-quality products or stores which cannot provide you with details or expertise about the pearls they used in their jewelry.

High quality pearls in these earrings make lovely birthday gifts for women of all ages. They have an irresistible charm that is immensely flattering and long-lasting. Not only do they embody class and sophistication, but also they form a unique bond with the wearer. Their tenderness and sensuality are truly special. If you want to know more, you can check out this helpful guide on how to choose the best pearl earrings.

3. Shop like a pro.

Just like the 4Cs in diamond grading, there’re 7 value factors that assess the quality of a pearl. Shape, Size, Colour, Luster, Surface Quality, Nacre Quality and Matching – they represent the seven characteristics by which pearls are graded and valued.

Pioneered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), this grading system is widely adopted by the industry when it comes to pearl valuation. Do check out each factor in more details and The Definitive Guide to Pearl Value for further information.

4. Think about her style.

Every woman loves to receive gifts that make her feel more beautiful and confident. Once you have an idea about how much you want to spend on your gift, it’s time to consider her style.

Does she like classic looks? Trendy or traditional? Is she bold in her fashion style or does she prefer something dainty? It would be helpful if you already know what she likes. But if you’re not sure or feel a little bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Unlike any other gifts, pearls are like the little black dress of jewelry: ever-versatile, always appropriate and endlessly appealing. The best part is… they go with everything and are great for any occasion. So regardless of her style or age, you’ll be happy to know that this amazing pearl gift is not something she’ll only wear once but a keepsake she’ll enjoy for a very long time.

Make Her Big Birthday Really Shine

Here’s why she’ll love a gift from Pearl-Lang. Pure, lustrous and precious, no wonder she’s thrilled… that soft, luxurious touch on her skin, that incredible radiance and glow on her face. Each piece is irresistible to the eye and perfect for day and night. Only the finest pearls, a mere 1% of the pearl harvest, are selected for our jewelry.

  • Classic Gifts with A Modern Twist

You’ll never go wrong with a classic pearl gift that is synonymous with elegance and grace. Simple in design and effortless to wear, pieces like this earrings and necklace set are utterly feminine charmers with a modern twist.

If she prefers classic styles, she’ll love this Grace Classic Pearl Necklace. Considered the most iconic and timeless for any wardrobe, it’s the ultimate finishing touch for any chic ladies. The special tenderness and unique beauty of these pearls are not found in any other gem.

  • Unique Gifts That Sparkle

If she’s sassy and loves statement pieces, go for this stylish modern bracelet made with one-of-a-kind keshi pearls. (see below)

Unique Birthday Gifts For Her Keshi Pearl Bracelet

Incredibly beautiful, she’ll never want to take it off, ever. The organically shaped keshi are truly extraordinary. They're the rarest type of baroque pearls. The subtle hint of pink overtone together with the intense luster from the pearl surface strikes the perfect balance between originality and sophistication. Complete her look with the matching baroque pearl necklace that is truly amazing.

For the woman who loves sparkles, you can get her these stunning earrings. They will be a refreshing update on her earring collections. Ideal for day-to-evening elegance, they have incredible presence and will express her confidence in taste and style.

  • Foolproof Birthday Gifts

What if you’re not really sure what she likes? Well, don’t worry. Because the lucky lady in your life will for sure appreciate these top gifts that are most loved. Pearl stud earrings in sterling silver or in 18k yellow gold are the epitome of class and elegance. Don’t underestimate these natural beauties though. They’re made with the finest pearls, and the perfect go-to accessories for any occasion. Flattering to all skin tones, you’ll be delighted to know that she’ll cherish them forever!

Another great gift choice is this pearl necklace from our Leaf Collection. Inspired by the beauty of the olive branch, it adds a touch of elegance to her outfit. The dainty pearls are incredibly lustrous and flattering to the neckline. It’s available in both white and multi-colors. Additionally, you can purchase the matching bracelets for both styles.

  • Luxury Gold & Diamond Gifts

If you plan to spend a bit more on her milestone birthday, these luxurious 18k gold and diamond pearl gifts will be sure to steal the show! Anything but ordinary, these magnificent presents made with the rarest gems are forever special.

Pearl Diamond Jewellery Gifts For Her Special Birthday

There are many ways to show your love in the things you do and the things you say, but none is more lasting, or brings more joy, than a meaningful gift of love from your heart. Few gifts can convey your sentiments so well when it comes to celebrating her big birthday.

Remember, each pearl is unique and is born to shine. By putting some thought into your gift purchase, it will really make a difference. This year why not give her this amazing gem … an extra special pearl gift she’ll treasure forever?