Pearl Jewelry Care: How to Clean and Store Your Pearls

How to Look After Your Pearls

As pearls are organic gems, they are not as hard as other gemstones such as diamond and sapphire. Therefore, proper care and cleaning is crucial to keep them beautiful and lustrous. Here are a couple of pearl jewelry care and cleaning tips you can use.

Wearing Your Pearls

It’s important to remember to put on your pearls last after applying cosmetics such as hairspray, lotions, makeup and perfume. This is because the chemicals in these cosmetics can damage a pearl’s nacre and make its surface look dull. For the same reason, you should always remove your pearl jewelry first before you remove your makeup or reapply any cosmetics.

It is also essential to keep pearls away from cleaning products and remove them before doing any housework. These gems are also susceptible to damages when exposed to chlorinated swimming pool water or perspiration. So do remember to take them off before exercising. You should also take extra care to protect them from contact with hard objects as their surface is soft and can be easily scratched.

Cleaning Your Pearls

The best way to clean your pearls is to wipe them gently using a soft, clean cloth dampened with warm water. Never use any soap, jewelry cleaning products, or brushes, as they will damage their nacre. Once the pearls are cleaned, place them in a towel to dry.

Storing Your Pearls

It’s best to separate them from other types of jewelry to avoid abrasion. A satin or silk pouch is probably the best for storing pearl jewelry because these jewels need to “breathe”. Storing them in an airtight container or in a hot place can strip out the moisture around the pearls and they may start to dry out.

Pearls love to be touched and worn. It is recommended that you wear them regularly so that they get exposed to the natural humidity of the air and your skin.

Restringing Your Pearls

Typically, pearl necklaces should be restrung once a year. When worn regularly, the string will attract dirt and look frayed over time. When it happens, this is a sign that your gems need to be restrung. Make sure that the string is knotted between each pearl so that it will not rub against each other. In addition, if the strand breaks, you will not have all the pearls fallen off the string. However, if you only wear your strand on special occasions, it may not need to be restrung once a year.

It’s easy to keep pearls in their best conditions. As long as you take proper care, you can enjoy their beauty for a very long time.