Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Pearls & Jewellery

Yes, they are all authentic cultured pearls. All of our pearls are grown in either freshwater or saltwater. We source them directly from pearl farms and processors around the world. Each pearl has been through a strict selection process and is chosen individually for its fine quality. We do not sell imitation or fake pearls.

Yes. Your jewellery is packaged in the beautiful Pearl-Lang® box perfect for gifting.

Yes. We provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that the item you receive is made with 100% genuine fine quality cultured pearls.

At Pearl-Lang, every pearl has been individually chosen for its fine quality and unique beauty. We have a stringent set of criteria for our pearl selection process. Only the best pearls from the top 1% of the pearl harvest are selected for making Pearl-Lang jewellery.

We promise our customers the quality of the pearls delivered to you. We’re proud to offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

We use the GIA Pearl Description System to grade our pearls. It is an objective system that has been developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), an institute that is also renowned for establishing the 4C diamond grading system. The pearl description system uses seven value factors including size, shape, colour, lustre, surface, nacre quality, and matching. Please see How to Buy Pearls for more information.

There is no industry-wide standard for pearl grading. You may see some retailers using the AAA-A system or the A-D system. But the systems using letters might be misleading for consumers. You may find pearls labelled with the same grading, for example, AAA, vary significantly in quality at different retailers. Some sellers may even use terms such as “AAAA” or “AAA+”, grades that are not included in the system, to indicate the pearl quality being higher than the highest standard. Therefore, it is important for consumers to ask retailers for the actual description of their pearl grading systems so you would know what quality of pearls you’re buying.

Both freshwater and saltwater pearls display a range of natural colours and orient. The type of host mollusc, the mollusc’s environment, the colour of the inserted mantle tissue piece, and the nacre quality are the factors that can determine different colours in pearls.

Both cultured and natural pearls are real pearls. They are produced by pearl-bearing oysters either in fresh or salt water. The only difference is that a natural pearl is created without any human assistance. Over 90% of the real pearls you see in jewellery are cultured, regardless of whether they are freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, or South Sea.

Natural pearls are extremely rare and are usually found in museums, like the pearls in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. To learn more about their difference, check out our guide here.

There is so much choice when purchasing pearls, and sometimes it can be overwhelming when making a decision on the products that are right for you. There are a couple of factors to consider. Are you buying for yourself or someone else? Is it for a special occasion or for daily wear? Are you looking for something traditional or contemporary? What is your budget? Here are a few points you may want to consider.

  • Occasion
  • Pearl Quality
  • Style

At Pearl-Lang we offer our customers high-quality pearls ranging from entry level to the most luxury quality that caters for different budgets. Take a look at our pearl guide to learn about different pearl types and their value factors. This may provide you with some insight on the products you would like to purchase. For each product, you will find a summary table describing its value factors so you can easily compare one product with another.

Our bracelets are made to fit women's average wrist size which is around 15-16cm. You can find more information about how the fit is for different wrist sizes under the "Product Details" tab on the product page. If you require a longer length for a large wrist size or need help with a different size, please contact us for further assistance.

Clean your pearls using a soft, clean cloth dampened with warm water. Do not use any soap, brushes or jewellery cleaning products on your pearls.

The best way to store your pearls is to store them in a place that allows them to “breathe”. A jewellery pouch is great for storing pearls. You can find more tips here on How to Care for Pearls. For all our necklaces and pearl sets, we offer a complimentary satin pouch that can be used to store your pearls.

We assure our customers the purity of our gold and silver. In the UK, all jewellers selling precious metals are required to be hallmarked by an independent assay office to guarantee the precious metal content of the items. The hallmark comprises three compulsory marks: a sponsor’s mark, a fineness mark and an assay office mark.

Pearl-Lang® is registered with the London Assay Office, ensuring our precious metal jewellery is compliant with the UK’s hallmarking regulations, which are the highest standards in the world. Where applicable, all of Pearl-Lang’s gold and silver pearl jewellery is hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

A lifetime. Because our jewellery is made with high quality pearls in solid 18k gold, gold vermeil or sterling silver, its beauty can literally last forever as long as you take good care of it. For our silver jewellery, each piece is finished with an additional thick layer of premium quality rhodium that is highly durable and is tarnish resistant.

As with all fine jewellery made with high purity precious metals, it's very soft and is subject to bending, denting and scratching. As such, extra care should be taken when handling all fine jewellery. Take it off when you are doing housework, gardening, heavy work or playing sports.

Online Payment

We accept most credit cards and debit cards including

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    We understand that you may be concerned about the security of online payments. Yes, it is safe to use our website. All the online transactions on our website are processed by Stripe, one of the most secure online processing solutions that encrypt your card details and personal information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. No credit card or debit card details are held by Pearl-Lang.

    Orders & Shipment

    Yes, we offer fast global shipping on all orders free of charge. You will receive a tracking number for your order once it's dispatched. You can find out more information in our Delivery Policy.

    We aim to deliver your order as soon as it has been processed. Please see further estimated delivery time details in our Delivery Policy.

    Any delays will be notified to you by email or telephone. If an item is out of stock, or cannot be supplied for any reason, we will contact you within one business day of the order being placed. In cases where we cannot fulfil your order, we will refund your card and your order will be cancelled.

    Yes, all our deliveries are insured. You will be required to sign for your package upon delivery.

    Upon shipment, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number and the courier details so that you can keep track of your order status.

    Yes. We can send your order to a different address if you prefer. But we may contact you to confirm the delivery address if it’s different from your billing address. From time to time we may also carry out additional checks before dispatch to prevent fraudulent transactions. Pearl-Lang reserves the right to deliver to the cardholder address only, if requested by the card-issuing bank.

    We hope that you enjoy your Pearl-Lang purchase. But for any reason if you change your mind, we are happy to offer you a 30-day money back guarantee from the date when your order is delivered.

    All items returned must be unworn and in their original condition accompanied by our dispatch paper work or Internet receipt. We cannot refund or exchange items if their tamper-proof packaging has been opened or damaged. Therefore, please do not remove any security tags or the original packaging before wearing your purchase. Refunds can only be made to the original method of payment used to purchase the item after we have received and inspected it fully.

    Please see our Returns & Exchanges Policy for more detailed information.

    We offer our customer support 24/7. You may contact us by email at or by phone, and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you may go to Contact Us and leave us with your message; we will call you back within 24 hours.