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We began with a great passion for jewellery and nature’s only organic gem – the pearl. Since her childhood, Lulu has been inspired by its superb glow and stunning natural colours. Her love of pearls has led her to create a luxury pearl jewellery brand that embodies modern femininity and beauty.

At Pearl-Lang, we are committed to provide our customers with superior quality pearls that are incomparable in lustre and beauty. Our online store is designed to guide our customers to shop with confidence. We believe that the more our customers know about pearls, the more confident they can be when making their purchases.

As a pearl specialist, we pride ourselves on our expertise in pearl grading and the quality standards we offer. We only select the very best pearls from the highest quality harvests for our customers. All of our gemstones and precious metals are directly sourced from farms and manufacturers. We only work with materials that are from an ethical and environmentally responsible production.

"We have built Pearl-Lang on a vision that every woman should enjoy this precious gem in the finest quality. From the classic round to the intriguing baroque, and the astonishingly beautiful shades of white, pink, green, grey, gold and many more, our designs will appeal to a woman who has a sense of flair and fashion, and a sophisticated style.

The woman who would wear our jewellery is elegant, confident, and values exquisite craftsmanship and fine materials. She may just be starting out or a seasoned pearl connoisseur. She may look to invest in fresher, more vibrant heirloom pieces that would be cherished for a long time." 

- Lulu Tyers, P.G. (GIA), Founder and Managing Director

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