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The Pearl-Lang Difference

Graceful and feminine, our luxury real pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets evoke a sophisticated appeal of a modern woman. Each Pearl-Lang design draws its inspiration from nature and the pearl itself. Our fresh approach marries the finest quality pearls of different varieties, colours and shapes. From intricate one-of-a-kind shapes to everyday chic wear, we only select the finest gems, a mere 1% of the pearl harvest for our jewellery.

Our Best-Selling Shape

Luxury Pearl Pendants


Nothing could be more flattering than the real pearl to a woman's beauty and sensuality! It is the most feminine of all jewels and the only organic gem grown from a living form: the pearl oyster. From freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian to South Sea, every piece from our gold, diamonds, or sterling silver jewellery collections is the celebration of this true gift of nature. Each pearl has been carefully selected for its fine quality to ensure its natural and unrivalled beauty will last for generations.