Freshwater Pearl Colour

Freshwater Pearl Colour

Considered as the most popular and affordable pearl type among all cultured pearls, freshwater pearl jewellery wows the world with their delicate pastel shades, and a wide array of shapes and sizes.

Freshwater Pearl Colours

The typical natural freshwater pearl colours include peach (light pinkish orange), lavender (light pinkish purple), cream and white. Traditionally, freshwater pearls are grown in the Hyriopsis cumingii mussel species, also known as the “triangle mussel”. The pearl colours are mostly delicate and soft. Since the late 90s, Chinese freshwater pearl farmers have introduced a hybrid species that combines the triangle mussel with the Biwa mussel imported from Lake Biwa in Japan. This hybrid type, called “leisure mussel”, yields bigger and better quality cultured freshwater pearls with more intense colours compared to those produced by the triangle mussel. In addition, the natural colours produced by the leisure mussel often exhibit a metallic shine.

Freshwater Pearl ColoursBeautiful orient is another common feature displayed among freshwater pearls, especially in the case of baroque shapes. Orient occurs when there is rainbow iridescence appearing over the pearl surface.

The high-value colours for freshwater pearls are white and lavender. Although freshwater pearls are the most accessible pearl type among all, the top gem quality ones only take up less than 1% of the entire pearl harvest. At Pearl-Lang, we offer an extensive range of freshwater pearl jewellery in beautiful natural pastel colours and iridescent shades with a strong metallic shine. Explore our collection to find stunning pearl bracelets, earrings and necklaces!