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Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Her

Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Her

A once a year celebration, birthdays are filled with love, joy and most importantly…gifts! Whether it is the birthday of your girlfriend, best friend or a family member, you can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewellery. A milestone birthday such as 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th or 50th especially calls for something special that is everlasting and has great sentimental value. The great advantage about gifting fine jewellery lies in the fact that it serves as a lifetime reminder of the special day that can be cherished for many years to come. Read on to explore these simple tips on how to find the perfect birthday gifts for her.

Birthday Jewellery Gift IdeasStarlight Pearl Ear Crawlers

Choose Fine Jewellery

It is never too early to gift fine jewellery to a young adult. In fact, many cultures give gold bracelets and charms to a small child. An 18th birthday signals the beginning of the adulthood and is an important occasion to remember. Choices of gifts include a gold pendant necklace with special birthstones, a classic set of diamond earrings, and a silver bracelet.

Give a First: Pearl Necklace

Pearls are often given as a first piece of fine jewellery to a young woman as she’s firmly stepped into adulthood. It is also a timeless jewellery piece that she can style with different looks. A thoughtful 21st present such as a classic pearl necklace is a perfect starter for her go-to jewellery. Don’t forget that pearls do not only come in white. There’re so many natural colours and shapes to choose from. Take a note of her personal style and adjust your gift accordingly.

Contemporary Pearl JewelleryFlora Lavender Baroque Pearl Necklace

Note Her Style

For a 30th birthday gift, make sure you know what she likes. Turning 30 is a significant milestone for a woman. As her careers and relationships are reaching new highs, her personal taste and style is also maturing. Does she like traditional styles or does her taste lean towards a more contemporary look? Ideas for a woman’s present range from quality rings with gemstones, classic watches and bracelets to streamlined necklace designs with pearls. Whatever her style is, don’t forget to look for something that has fine quality.

Birthday Gifts For HerLavender Keshi Pearl Bracelet

Give Tradition a Twist

The everlasting gift of luxury jewellery is a perfect way to celebrate when a woman turns 40 or 50. Chances are many, by the age of 40, already have most classic pieces in their jewellery collection. When buying a 40th birthday gift for her, consider giving a twist to the classics. If she loves pearls, choose an opera length pearl strand or a pair of exotic Tahitian pearl and diamond earrings. For a woman who likes to keep things low-maintenance, go for simple stud earrings or a small gold bracelet.

Birthday Jewellery Gifts For HerAthena Long Pearl Necklace

For women who reach 50, many have developed a highly defined personal style. Engraved jewellery with messages or a fine quality pearl necklace and earrings set is a wonderful gift.

Final Hints

For a truly thoughtful gift at any age, take your time before making the decision. Unlike apparel, jewellery is always appropriate for a birthday celebration. Make sure you understand the size, material and the quality you’re buying. If in doubt, ask your jeweller to explain the difference.

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