5 Awesome Ideas For Valentine’s Day

5 Awesome Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Perhaps it’s a bit too soon to talk about the V-day. But just the thought of all that chocolate and flowers is warming our hearts! Whether you’re single or attached, treat 14 February as a fun, sweet and positive occasion, and celebrate the day with someone you love and care about. We decided to put together a few ideas that would hopefully help you spread the love.

1. Bake cookies for your sweetheart

When it comes to love, few things can beat freshly baked treats. The smell of homemade cookies is just perfect to start the day off right!

Awesome Ideas for Valentine's Day

2. Set the mood with beautiful decorations

Love is in the air! Embrace the day by making some special decorations. From incorporating the traditional Valentine’s Day colour red or pink to using a heart motif, there’re many ways of setting the mood for the day of love. 

Ideas For Valentines Day - Love Sign

Ideas for Valentines Day - Love Angel

3. Bring the fancy dinner home

You’re probably not least surprised by the images of crowded restaurants and overpriced menus on Valentine’s Day. So why not have a romantic evening in? Make this tasty dinner and whip up a delicious cocktail for the night.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

4. Give a unique and thoughtful gift

Most women we know want something special for Valentine’s Day. Although chocolates and flowers are traditional presents to give, these unique, fun and thoughtful gifts for her will definitely make her heart sing. Or drop him a hint by leaving this page open to chance upon.

Valentine's Day Gifts Guide For Her

1. Burberry fragrance; 2. Saint Laurent leather card holder; 3. scented candle; 4. Pearl-Lang Aurora keshi pearl bracelet; 5. Chanel lipstick; 6. Autograph embroidered set; 7. Rose gold plated golden leaf infuser; 8. Callista pearl pendant necklace; 9. West Elm jewellery display box; 10. Metropolis lavender coin pearl necklace

Valentines Day Gift For Her

5. Play dress up

This season is the perfect time to incorporate the timeless symbol of love into your wardrobe. 

Valentine's Day Dress Up

See any ideas you love? Let us know what you think!

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